Terracom has been ranked among the 30 winners of the CISO 30 Awards 2018

A new global award for Terracom - a new opportunity for constant evolution!

Terracom, being firmly committed to the vision of providing innovative IT services, has received another - very important - worldwide level award.

Our company has been ranked among the 30 winners of the CISO 30 Awards 2018, which honors the 30 most innovative companies in the field of security which have fostered innovation and demonstrated thought leadership in their enterprises. This award is extremely important for our company, taking into account that Terracom is the only Greek company in the field of Information Technology that gets the award, especially in a contest held in Dubai, a cornerstone of technology and innovation.

Terracom demonstrated the evolution of the most successful QR-Patrol (guard tour monitoring and management system) as well as the integration of Internet of Things technologies in the system that extend the capability to provide security services through a real-time cloud an environment with full automation.

The delivery of the award, which is a great worldwide distinction especially for a Greek company in the Information Technology field, took place on March 27, 2018, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and was received by our Partner in the UAE, Patrol.ae.

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